Verdee Natural Strand Woven Bamboo Flooring can lend a beautiful, traditional ambience to residential or commercial interiors. This flooring features a sturdy, stylish floor design in your commercial or residential space. They carry various characteristics:

Environmentally Friendly — Verdee Bamboo uses 100%rapidly renewable and sustainable Moso bamboo. Verdee Bamboo Flooring does not contain CFCs or VOC emissions.

Greater Stability — Verdee Bamboo is twice as stable as solid Red Oak. It has a greater dimensional stability and is naturally more moisture-resistant. It can be installed over heating systems.
Tough & Durable — Through the strand woven technology, Verdee Bamboo becomes an extremely dense and hard material. 8-layer Klumpp coatings add protection to the flooring. It is moisture-resistant, UV-resistant, indentation-resistant and scratch-resistant.

Easy Unkeep — The superior coating is stain-resistant. Verdee Bamboo Flooring can be swept and vacuumed as required. It can be cleaned with a quality wood floor cleaner.

Stylish & Beautiful — The non-stained bamboo flooring with low-gloss finish reveals the most natural beauty of bamboo.

Easy Installation — Verdee Bamboo Flooring can be installed by gluing up, stapling or click locking.